Deltron High Speed Belt Drive Linear Actuators

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Series SLM
Among the smallest commercially available belt drive systems the SLM is a lightweight and compact alternative to the larger belt drives with the same repeatability and linear accuracy.
Series DBM-95
The DMB series utilizes steel concave rollers riding on chrome-plated steel rails to provide excellent positioning accuracy even in applications that require long travel. The steel bearings are supplied with lifetime lubrication. High acceleration and maximum speeds are possible with this series.
Series DBN-325
A plastic coated needle bearing assembly offered in this series allows the highest possible speeds while requiring no lubrication. High speeds and high G forces are no problem for this series.
Series DBP
Plastic bearings running on aluminum rails provide the ultimate in durability in tough push-pull applications and require no lubrication. DBP actuators are value leaders among Del-Tron's belt drive systems.