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Linear Slides: Deltron's Off-the-Shelf and Custom Solutions

Linear Slides is a broad term which refers to a large array of linear motion products used in perhaps millions of applications using linear slides. What distinguishes one linear slides family from another includes features such as, accuracy, load capacity, repeatability, life expectancy, travel length, orientation, footprint, ease of installation, finish, and cost, to name only a few.


To serve these many linear slides applications, Del-Tron Precision offers over 5000 linear slide products divided into 12 distinct family groups:

Deltron Precision Product Line-up


Linear Slides Ball Slides Crossed Roller Slides   Micrometer Positioning Stages   Linear Bearings Crossed Roller Tables
Linear Actuators Lead Screw Actuators High Precision Positioners Lead Screw Actuators Lead Screw Stages
Crossed Roller Bearings Crossed Roller Rails   Slide Guides   Belt Drive Actuators Linear Actuators
Non Magnetic Slides   Linear Actuators Air Actuators    


(For more details, please visit our Family pages by clicking the images above)


Each of the linear slides in our 12 product families are designed to offer solutions for particular requirements, and most are made here in the USA. For example, our linear slides are available as either linear ball slides, or crossed roller slides with a range of straight line accuracy from 0.0005” per inch of travel in our standard series, to 0.0000040” per inch of travel in our high precision series. Both linear slides groups are ready for installation right out of the box. Our micrometer positioning stages and crossed roller positioning stages are available in X, XY and XYZ configurations, with either inch or metric micrometers and mounting holes. The load capacity of these linear slides range from 4 lbs on the miniature ball slide series up to 160 lbs on the crossed roller positioning stages series. (For additional details on our linear slides, please visit our linear slides family pages by clicking on the images above, or see our Product Selection Guide)

In some applications, off-the-shelf linear slides are desirable. Availability is perhaps the most common reason, but others might include the advantages of interchangeability or a need to be secured within specific footprint. But in many linear slide applications, unique requirements call for customizing linear slides. And who better to customize linear slides than a manufacturer that specializes in customization, particularly where high precision is needed?


Del-tron Precision began operations in 1974 pioneering, and supplying original equipment manufacturers with the world's first commercially available subminiature ball slide ( a type of linear slide) . We also created one of the smallest linear slides ever made (our C-.5 miniature ball slide). Since then there have been many technical advances in the quality and manufacturing methods of linear slides, as well as the range of models available, and Del-Tron Precision has remained at the forefront all of the way with an emphasis on quality, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing.

Our modern corporate campus, located in Bethel, CT is over 20,000 square feet and where we manufacture the vast majority of our linear slides. Our state-of-the-art facility is fully automated with computer controlled equipment that ensured the highest quality linear slides possible. In addition, Del-Tron Precision maintains a quality control department that inspects 100% of all incoming and outgoing linear slide products. This combination enables us to offer the highest level of customization services possible.

In some applications, modification of an existing product is the most timely, cost effective solution. And since all of our modifications are made in-house in a our Bethel facility, you can count on having your linear slide products in a timely manner.

Some of the linear slide modification options we offer include adding mounting holes in special locations, dowel pins or special threads, and adjusting the height, width, length, or length of travel. In addition, Del-Tron's linear bearing design was created for adaptability. Because we manufacture the hardened steel bearing components separately from the aluminum base and carriage, our base and carriage units can easily be integrated into your design, producing a linear bearing that is
part of the subassembly instead of a discrete component. Aside from the simplification of the design and assembly of our linear slides, the advantages also include reducing the number of parts as well as the tolerance buildup.

We also offer a wide range of materials and finishes for our internal and external components including balls, rollers, shafts and preload bars which can be made with either of 52100 type bearing steel or corrosion resistant 400 series stainless steel. Color options and anodized finishes are available for many of linear slides as well.

In applications requiring higher temperature tolerances, retainers are available in teflon, aluminum or brass. In vacuum applications where out-gassing needs to be either reduced or eliminated, Del-Tron offers the options to eliminate anodized and oxided finishes, and lubricants. For cleanroom and other sensitive applications, additional special materials and coatings are available. In applications requiring the dissipation of electrostatic charges, we offer our "ESD" electroless nickel-plating linear bearings. Finally, we offer several different drive options including lead screws, micrometer head drives, and pneumatic drives, enabling us to offer a large range of linear slides.

Our engineers are always available to assist in creating custom linear slides designed specifically for your application.

For fast turnaround times and competitive pricing in precision linear slides, Del-Tron Precision delivers. Please visit our other pages at or call 800-245-5013.

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